Making Money is Not a Sin

Reach your fullest financial potential with practical strategies of prayer, surrender, seeking, planning, and learning.


God’s Liberty

When I met liberty, I broke free from years of religious teaching that had me bound and miserable. This book is a set of God-themed poems inspired during my time of liberation.


In Nature

Let these treasures reach the recesses of your mind. When you meet eternity, you’ve met your match – total acceptance of you and who you were and are and will become.


The Unknowing

We thirst for grace to wash over us and cool our guilt-parched conscience. My hope is that this book is a cascade of God’s grace spoken in the language familiar to those who’ve been marred by the guilt of Eden.


Are you looking for something more?

Do you ever find yourself looking for something more? We all seek to satisfy the void inside. It’s normal to reach a goal and then to set another…but at our core, we should be content with life. Thankfulness is a journey.

It can take a lot of trials to show us just how grateful we should be for each breath of life. God wants us to live life more abundantly but also to be content along our path of discovery.

My goal is to journey with you toward a peak experience that culminates in greater love, joy, and peace for all.