You can. You can’t.

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When something finally clicks, and you see the light, when you understand that you can’t trust others until you trust that you alone know the way – you begin to look back on yourself as a stranger.  Who was this person that clamored for the approval of others, that couldn’t take the next step until someone gave the next direction?  Who was this character who believed everyone else knew better than her?  Could see clearer and farther than she could see? 

There is a difference between seeking counsel and seeking approval. 

There are really only two internal voices that vie for our attention.  I know at times, we get confused and it seems like there are a zillion different voices whispering and shouting to us as we move along our journey.  But I’ve narrowed these voices down to two.  “You can.” And “You can’t.”  Yes, there are variations of that voice in your head that tells you, you’re incapable of being who you know you can be – but any voice that leaves you with the impression that “you can’t”… is a voice that simply needs to be ignored.  I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, no one is going to come along and mine your brilliance without your own belief that “you can.”  Sure, there are many individuals who will come to you after you start to believe in yourself and tell you lots of nice things about how they “always knew” you’d make it.  Certainly, those individuals who believe in you before you believe in yourself are few and far between, and indeed treasures we should hold dear.  But you cannot keep waiting for that magical fairy, life coach, spiritual leader, or God sent angel to validate you into taking your next step.  It should also be noted that some angels do come into our lives and do reflect goodness back to us.  They do affirm that place deep inside that we want to become.  They see something in us before we see it in ourselves.  Usually, these individuals come along when we’ve just started our gym routine.  We’ve begun to look a bit more defined and we carry ourselves with a touch more confidence.  They pick up on our new aura, our improving physique.  Be aware of the fact that these individuals can cause a relapse in our own self-acceptance.  They tell us what we want to hear with pure intent, because they actually see the us who we are so desperately trying to become.  Sometimes, this is because they long to become the same.  But we are still responsible for holding this person in their place.  They should not become a god or a distraction.  The temptation is very strong, to take a shortcut, feed off their affirmation as long as it lasts.  I can guarantee you, that it won’t last.  We are the only ones who possess our souls, the inner workings of everything we sense we’re destined to become.  Don’t waste time by putting them up on a pedestal and stopping short of your own goals and desires.  This is a disservice to them and you’ll eventually despise the fact that you allowed yourself to stop hitting the gym because you fell in love with their appreciation of your baby muscles. 

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