Worldview Challenge

globeWorldview:  a comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity’s relation to it.
What is your worldview?  What is “your comprehensive image of the universe and humanity’s relation to it?”
Our worldview, if not pushed beyond its limits, is typically a collection of images that flash before our mind as bits and pieces of news, certain scenes of movies, faint memories from childhood, and unspoken expectations about what  entertaining activity might fill our schedule at the next hint of nothingness.  Very rarely do we press pause on how we relate to the world around us.  And even rarer is the occasion that we actually take the time to dissect our worldview to see if it merits a lifetime of continued use.
More often than not, when I’m with family and friends, my worldview goes on auto-pilot.  It’s almost impossible to reconcile in person what can be elaborately reasoned out on paper, so in most conversations, I concede.  Or perhaps this is my convenient excuse for not speaking out when I hesitate to call our family’s collective worldview on the carpet, the one that gets precariously built up with the scraps from our day, around the dinner table.  It isn’t that I believe I have all the answers, it’s just that I feel we need to ask more questions, instead of presuming to have the answers.
Recently, I asked myself how I could challenge my worldview without just stoking the embers of what would otherwise be friendly table talk.  How can I prove what I believe to be true, without defending my point at all?  How can I turn moments of defensive fury or silent antagonistic misery into powerful moments of change–not just “I win. You lose. I’m right. You’re wrong.  I’m smart. You’re stupid.” concessions that keep us all angry at one side of the argument.
Practically, how can I better understand my relationship to the universe?  The older I get, and the more I study the Bible, the more I’m drawn to learn as much as I can about the WORLD Christ died to save and the less I’m concerned about political patriotism.
But back to doing something “practical” that will challenge my OWN Worldview.  I decided to memorize the World Map.  Having memorized N. America, S. America, Europe and starting on Africa…..It’s already changed the way I think and respond to others.  Seems kind of silly to write it out loud, but if I’m to begin formulating an opinion about myself and others in relation to the WHOLE UNIVERSE…it seems like revisiting my world map and learning where the world news happens around me, is a good place to start.
For those of you who are light-years ahead of me, please excuse my ignorance.
I challenge you to do something that will change your worldview.  For better or worse.
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  1. I think learning the map is a great idea. It is like knowing your neighborhood. The Simpsons are across the street, then the Jones, Smiths, Robinsons, etc. Then you can fill in what you know about the people in the houses and a little history and before you know it, you will be moving around in a much bigger neighborhood.

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