Will there be room for me at Jesus’ feet?

So, I’ve always wondered about this.  But I’ve never verbalized it.

Christians tend to put a lot of emphasis on a “personal” relationship” with Jesus Christ.

So, I feel like whenever I see Jesus face to face, after all this time I’ve spent talking to Him daily, that I will want some one-on-one time with Him…….

Will I be satisfied with just being one insignificant person out of the whole throng who will be worshipping at His feet?  I know this is a very  “selfish” thought and that many will say I have my priorities all wrong.   Will I feel like a silly kid at a Justin Bieber concert, fighting my way to the front of the crowd, just to get as close as possible to Him?

You know the story of Mary and Martha, where Martha is chastised because she hasn’t taken the time to visit with Jesus?  Well, wouldn’t it have made Mary’s time with Jesus less special if Martha had been there too?

I know that this is all way beyond our comprehension, how “heaven” will all play out….but I do tend to forget that if I’m expecting to go to heaven, shouldn’t I expect others to be there as well?  Will I be upset if Sister so-in-so gets a front row seat, and it seems as if Jesus doesn’t REALLY know who I am, even though I’ve loved Him for all these years?

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  1. I wouldn’t express it the same way, but I bet a lot of us wonder this same thing. He’s going to be in demand. Somehow I think it will all work out of course, but I know how you feel.

    1. I would love to know how you would express it. Care to share? It felt kind of blasphemous and shallow to write it. I’m sure there is some more “philosophical” way of looking at it, but just in the “in my car driving and thinking” kind of way, that’s how it came out. Thx for reading.

  2. When I pray or try to draw near to God, I don’t feel any jostling or shoving. All the other prayers in the world are out of awareness. I think that is what it will be like in heaven, but better and easier. The reason it seems more difficult then is that it will be physical; we can’t picture praying in a crowd where the babel of all the prayers happen at once and who could possibly listen to us all? I think the meaning of physical will change, not in some spacey mystical way but in some liberating way I can’t imagine. I suppose that is “philosophical” but it is the best I can do. Paul says he was caught up to the third heaven in a vision and saw things he was not allowed to tell us, and I confess I have always found it irritating.

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