What is Worship?

What is worship?  Without looking it up on Dictionary.com or Wikipedia, and without going to the Psalms to discover what worship really means.  What is worship?  In my own little human mind that isn’t trying to rely on what others ascribe as being worship.  What is worship?  In the village that hasn’t yet been reached with the written Word of God or cute little Barnes & Noble books on worship.  What is worship?  In prisons where inmates are waiting for the end of the sentence or the end of their life.  What is worship?  In homes where children are stuck in the cycle of abuse, mistreated and habitually harmed by parents who don’t know any better because their parents had done the same and worse to them.  What is worship?  In relationships where everything is dark and nothing, no ounce of good can seem to find the light.  What is worship?  On days when everything is going your way and you forget you’d prayed for an answer to your prayer.  What is worship?  In politics where politicians are stuck in the script of their affiliated party, unable to break away to the center of truth.  What is worship?  In churches that have the whole show, the fireworks, the ambience, the staging, fancy suits, energizing music and cool sermons.  What is worship?  In churches campaigning to help the homeless as long as those without a home don’t try to move into the church and make it look like a half way home.  What is worship?  In friendships where all of the unspoken conditions make you wonder if having a friend is even worth it.  What is worship?  In church music, fast, slow, old, new, gospel, contemporary, traditional, hymn, chant or rap.  What is worship?  In everyday life, the days and nights of expectations and expectations unmet.  What is worship?

In worship.  What is worship?

This idea of worship is so mysterious, yet it happens when we least expect it.  When something or someone and even God catches our breath, makes us put our hand to our heart and start telling others the latest and greatest whether they care to hear or not.  When we set aside a time to watch OUR show at the same time every week, and everyone knows not to interrupt or else.  When we clip coupons and religiously redeem them to prove our frugality.  When we take more pride in what other people think of our children, than what our children think of us.

Worship is all tied up to us, inextricably connected to everything we say or do.  We don’t go to church just to worship.  We’re always worshipping.  We worship right in the midst of the good and bad, the happy and sad.  We were made to worship, and our actions are evidence of what and who we worship.  Worship is a reflection of our lives, what we value and where we spend our time.  It’s not something we manipulate or manufacture.  What is worship?  It JUST is.

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