Wasn’t Me

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I saw us walking
a long time ago
but it wasn’t me
and it wasn’t you
it was our story
holding hands
with fate
swinging arms
like tomorrow
would never come
and I dreamed
about you
and just how our love
would unfold
on a lake
under wind
sailing water
breathless takes of
feeling every brush
against your skin
bare with honest
confessions of
life we messed up
and mixed up.
This is nothing
like the motions
everything like the
that keep us waking up
surprised that
morning never comes.
This is what I was searching for
when I found you
and young at heart
but old at life
it sounded like a script
that I’d never heard before
so I walked away
because you told me
I should go.
Now you keep coming back
like the tide
that draws me
and I keep walking
mystery’s edge
wishing you’d find me
when I least expect it

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