To those who’ve Lost your mom….

My adopted daughter, Nina, wrote a poem about her biological mother, Justine. I made it into a song. I still have my mother, but for those of you who’ve already lost your mom — this song is for you. We just got back from Disney, and I screamed on a ride or two, so please excuse the scruffiness of my voice. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, both biological & adoptive!!

You gave life to me
gave a start to destiny
now I know
There’s no other love like yours
After all I received
the day you conceived
I miss you
I miss you mom
Your love was complete
gave me everything I need
Now I wish
I could tell you all those things
I should have said more
all the things I’m sorry for
I miss you
I miss you mom
The day you said goodbye
left me here to wonder why
and who would be my shoulder
to cry on
I dream about those times
of lullabies and rhymes
I miss you
I miss you mom
Do you hear my voice
If I only had one choice
I’d give you life
just like you gave to me
You said you’d never leave
but I know it’s destiny
I miss you
I miss you mom
I’d give you all you missed
if I only had one wish
I’d hold back all the clouds
up in the sky
with days as bright as the sun
We’d play and run
I miss you
I miss you mom
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  1. very beautiful. i lost my mom is 2004 and I must admit, Mother’s Day is a bit difficult to deal with. this put a smile on my face. thank you for posting.

    1. Hi words4jp, thank you for stopping by my blog and I’m really glad you enjoyed the song. It’s hard for me to post such “imperfection” but I figure I just need to get over myself. Sorry about your loss! Anna

  2. What a wonderful tribute by your daughter to her mother and a wonderful gift by you to your daughter. It’s a circle of love.

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