Thoughts that Paralyze

Have you ever taken the time to identify those thoughts that paralyze you into inaction?

Sometimes our thoughts are on a quick sprint to the destination of nowhere and it’s hard to capture them and accurately identify what it is that we’re truly thinking.

There are many things that we’d like to accomplish in life but our thinking doesn’t enable us to take constructive steps toward reaching our goals.

Do you ever feel a stirring inside to get up and do something but almost as subtlety as that stirring comes–thoughts roll in like the tide and before you know it your motivation to move is washed away.

If we deliberately took the time to hit pause on our disorganized charade of thoughts–perhaps we could identify which thoughts are coherent and which thoughts seem more like random darts thrown by the enemy to attack our purpose in life.

It may come as a shock to you when you finally articulate the thought or family of thoughts that kept you from your last endeavor.  When that first stirring of inspiration was kindled in your soul, perhaps after reading a book, listening to a sermon or observing nature, what was the first thought that preceded your inability to get up and stoke that pile of glowing embers just waiting to be ignited?  Perhaps once you identify what that thought is you’ll be too embarrassed to tell anyone else because of it’s obvious whopping illogicality.

It’s that recurring thought that keeps doing the same damage to your destiny every time you allow it to go untamed.

First, identify your worst enemy–the ONE thought that has destroyed more visions, more inspirational endeavors, more roads emblazoned by you than any other thought in the entirety of your life.

Sometimes you’ll realize that the thoughts you’ve allowed to run like a bull in a china shop destroying your purpose are actually small microscopic strains of a much wider known and more dangerously virulent big daddy thought.

I’ve started journaling some of the thoughts that are paralyzing to me.  Some of those thoughts are mortifying and I choose to believe they are unique to my life’s experiences.  Others of those thoughts might be classified as “universal,” at least according to my research.

I’ll share one of my thoughts with you today.  (There is a long list)  Feel free to share yours if you’d like:

Thought #1
“Waiting on God” actually means I’m lazy & lack creativity.

Enjoy this song about a “Stirring in the Spirit.” I hope we’re able to discipline our thought lives so that the next “stirring” will result in fires set for God’s purpose.


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