Robots and Rivers

green grass field and mountain
Photo by Rido Alwarno on

They’re all like robots
you’re a stream
flowing so swiftly
into river of dreams
and this cool water
to the touch of my mind
reminds me it’s love I’ll find
endless loop of time.

You’re alive
with a soul
you’re awake
with a presence
and it’s priceless
the way you make me feel
like life is really

There’s nothing
I’d trade for the magic
now love’s not plastic
and I can hear things
see visions
they think it’s derision
but I’m here now
and this is how
we turn sorrow
into joy
and setbacks
into toys
come play with me
for eternity
this is life
the meaning
I’m now gleaning
and we’ll hold hands
to jump in together
through crazy weather
and depths unknown
two minds joined
never alone.

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