Orbit of Approval

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Money does not define your self-worth.  The whole system is now designed to trick us into never thinking on our own because we’re afraid of losing our place in the orbit of others’ approval.  Potential consequences of losing this delusional approval, might be never fitting in enough to earn a steady paycheck and maintain family insurance or failing miserably to make it into the mainstream notion of heaven. 

When you are in the full swing of your calling, you’ll cease to seek the approval of others.  In fact, you may be perceived as aloof, over confident and perhaps a bit delusional.  But again, what did God do after he wrote each chapter of the universe?  He looked at it and said, “It is good.”  He didn’t turn to Adam and say, “Hey man, what do you think?  Should I have added more lilies in the valley?”  You will never sleep in peace at night with that gnawing feeling that you’re not living up to your full potential.  But only you can know whether you’re being all that you can be.  Others will sense your frustration and at times they’ll understand it as your rejection of them.  You know, however, that the reason you are unhappy with others is because you let them dictate who you are.  They are your safety net, your fallback plan, your illusion of love, your reliable misery when all else fails. 

If you look closely at all your setback and failures, you’ll find yourself just behind the eyes of all those you blame for not being supportive enough, not being quick enough to see your vision, and not growing fast enough alongside you.  If you assess every single time you had a great idea in the shower and quickly forgot about it, you’ll realize that your self-doubt is most likely the cause of amnesia. Or perhaps you shared your brilliant idea with someone else, to get their approval, and they quickly dismissed it as impossible, ridiculous and out of alignment with their version of you that they rely on to distract them from their own dreams. 

God did create Adam for companionship and Eve for companionship, but he did not create them to approve of his work.  They were to enjoy creation and they ended up enjoying it a little too much, but their approval of creation was not needed.  There is someone out there, many in fact, who will enjoy what you create but there are also those who will seek to destroy your creation because they are threatened by it.  They are threatened by it because they’ve never learned to live in their full creative power. 

There is nothing that we can create in the fullness of who we are that will not be “good enough,” and in fact “great.”  We all long to experience authenticity.  Show me a highly successful person and I’ll show you someone who got in the zone long enough to not give a flyin’ hoot about what someone else thinks. 

You arrive at this place, where you create, not because you need others to accept you, but because you need to accept you. 

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