Old friend

Boarded up shed
It appeared all was dead
But life rubbed up around the corner
Arched his back, skirted the dormer
And I just happened to live there

He took his sweet time
Knew I’d arrive
Soon waited for me
In all the right places
Filling up spaces
Without any traces
Of disloyal love
But it was our cries
To confirm us alive
That others mistook
For a disease worth
To die
This seat next to me
Was all he could see
When I chose to bleed
He bandaged misery
We both happened to live there

Old friend
When will goodbyes
Stop taking me by surprise
Entangled in lies
And when will sadness
Cease to turn into madness
And reunite
Joy with these tears
Nothing but years
Nine they save lives
Old shed
Where they thought
My soul was boarded up
Let’s meet there again
Love just happened to live there

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