Look At Me

I want you to look at me
Like it’s the first time we met
Talk to me
Without that tone of regret
Hold onto me
like our love’s brand new
and you’ve got nothing left
to do.
I love music too.
So much
It scares me to stop
And when no one is playing
Or dancing
Or pretending to sing along
I feel so alone.
I’m not good enough
But you never stay long enough
Or try hard enough
To keep the beat going
And I always end up walking home
With just a tune in my head because
I never want to lay my instrument down
And no one can get on the same page
Or find their groove fast enough
When they think it’s just a game
We play for fun
So you tell me it’s time
To leave now
And wait for the next round.
Everyone looks at me with sad eyes
Like I don’t know
That I’m just like them.
But I want to sleep here
And wake up
With the melody
Fresh on my breath.
Let me come back
Even if it’s too soon
To convince you
I’ll never leave

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