This is my longest standing hashtag. I’m a firm believer that if we seek “goodness” first, everything else will fall into place. #KingFirstPromo represents my desire to encourage others in their talents and lift them up when they face formidable circumstances, by creating visuals and written inspiration to promote God’s kingdom. Matthew 6:33 Click to follow


#HeartOfData is a brand focused on bringing heartfelt awareness to social matters in the realm of technology. Anna is known in her community as a #datalover who enjoys the business of data, the interpretation of data insights, and the exploration of spirituality with a mind toward understanding emotional impacts of the Information Age. Click to follow


Anna is writing an #AdultingPrimers series that outlines the subjects of finance, love, raising children, self-actualization, and leadership. This series is written in the spirit of primers such as the McGuffy reader primers used as textbooks in American schools from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. In this series, she hopes to capture the magic of the historically treasured children’s primers while providing a straight-forward view into her life struggles and triumphs targeted toward an adult audience. Click to follow


Anna wrote her first song in high school and recorded it at her cousin, Mitch Snow’s recording studio. The song was entered into a local radio competition and she didn’t win, but this was the beginning of a lifelong love for writing songs. Anna grew to realize that music as an art form isn’t about winning, it’s about exercising our gift of expression freely and enjoying the universal connection music enables. Click to follow

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