Doing Good

‘Good Deeds’ is Googled 201,000 times per month.

Doing good is a little like rowing a canoe.  It’s beautiful when you see the sunset just at your fingertips and you feel as if life’s possibilities are as endless as the horizon’s reach.  But then the boat starts to turn in an unexpected direction and you realize that your partner in the back is stroking his oar the wrong way.  Or your feet start to cool down and you notice that an unexpected hole is slowly informing you it’s probably best to find safety at shore.  And then there’s always that infamous complete imbalance where one person is trying to stand and adjust something they deem necessary to adjust and the whole boat decides to unexpectedly flip.  Usually someone ends up stuck underneath, with just a little bit of room to breathe while another person desperately tries to single-handedly flip the whole thing back to its proper side.

This is doing good.  A beautiful and hopeful mess that makes you wonder if perhaps you’ve rowed too far out–in search for the perfect sunset where everything makes sense in that unique moment of blazen God glory.  Growing up in a Christian family with a set of do-gooders as parents, I had a first-hand seat to the drama of goodwill.  But at the time I didn’t realize just how heavy and splinter-filled the cross was to carry.  All I saw as an innocent child who was cautiously protected by a well-meaning, fundamentalist mother and father was the fluff of feeding the five thousand.   I never knew that they were just making it look easy.

I thought about how cool it would be to lead the nonprofit effort to feed five thousand hungry people on limited resources.  I dreamed about how neat it must have been to deliver God’s only Son, the very Jesus Himself, into the world, as the Savior of the world.  And I was absolutely enamored by the story of Joseph who skillfully saved a whole nation from starvation.  “Sign me up and sign me in,” I thought.  There would be NOTHING cooler than setting sail as the next Amy Carmichael.  I used to watch the presentations given by foreign field missionaries and swear up and down to myself that I would be the one showcasing slideshows in churches around the world, of once-starved children who I had helped to save.
‘Doing Good’ is Googled 201,000 times per month.

Perhaps it’s a function of youth to dream about becoming something great one day—to imagine yourself as the hero—to pray that God will help you to do great things, somehow believing those great things are just like the well-crafted fairy tales we start telling our Sunday-school children at such a young age.  But there is nothing that can make you question your faith more, than exercising faith itself.  The more you reach out to a dying world, the more you’re forced to question the source of life itself.

Hopefully your adventure of doing good, will bring you full circle into the complete light of God’s love and unending mercy.

My desire is that this book will give you a shocking look into the reality of goodwill, a practical guide to sustain your efforts, and an inspirational message to make you laugh along the way.

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