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It is a law of nature that when you start to be fully you, distractions will start coming out of the woods to convince you that you’re not really that person.  You’re not the type to finish anything.  You’re not unique enough to matter.  You’ll never make a living doing what you love.  You can be sure that if these demons make frequent visits to you, you’re on the right track.  If you’ve ever watched one of the major talent shows on T.V., you’ll notice that the worst contestants are completely oblivious to any voice of reason.  They don’t have to block those voices of self-doubt because they are certifiably delusional.  In fact, it most likely won’t hurt them very much when someone tells them they lack talent.  If you’re deeply hurt instead of offended, when someone doesn’t see you for the greatness you are – there’s a good chance you are right on the money.  You need to be just as brazen as those ridiculous misguided contestants by believing you’re the best.  Remember, that the more resistance you feel, the more likely you are to strike gold once you personally accept your talent for what it is, regardless of any preliminary feedback you receive.  Positive feedback from others can be just as detrimental as negative feedback, because seeking that feedback in the first place is a sign that you haven’t fully relinquished your desire for approval.  I’ve personally spent most of my life like a turtle, in and out of my shell, dependent on whether someone approved or disapproved of my latest half-cocked creation.  This has made for an excruciatingly slow progression of my dreams.  

There will always be those who disapprove of you, no matter what path you take, so doesn’t it make more sense to unapologetically take a path that’s unique to you? 

There are always alternative paths to take that will keep our inner voice quiet and distract others, but it’s a compromise to our consciousness.  An example might be, a writer who takes a job as a writer for a corporation.  This path says, “I’m following my dreams and playing it safe.”  But there is no such thing as playing it safe while following our dreams.  Sure, we may earn the short term approval of family and friends because we are taking a pragmatic approach to life.  But these family and friends won’t have to contend with the inner struggle you experience everyday just to stay afloat at a job that is slowly killing you by making a mockery of your true talent.  My magic bullet was always going to be to find a writing partner, a creative soul who would fuel my inspiration and motivate me to become my best.  It was one of many options I’d created to do everything but accept me to the fullest and rely on myself to find success.   

We create the audience.  We don’t play to the audience.  We don’t identify the audience and what they want and need.  We reach deep down into the recesses of our soul and say what we need to hear, what we will die if we never express. 

When we seek the approval of others, we are making the assumption that they are better than we are.  How long can we afford to give others this power?  How long will we make this grave mistake before we’ve wasted our entire lives seeking something — that which can’t be had. 

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