Dear God

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Dear God, Thank you for this journey where I travel all alone, for the single passerby who reminds me I’ve a home.  Thank you for the treasures I find along the way, flowers, skies and creatures, no worries but to play.  Thank you for the silence, the gentle steady pain, reminding me how rare when sunlight shines with rain.  Remind me of dormant places, where wounds still lie awake, so I accept the healing that’s free for me to take.  Reveal to me the walls that have me so hemmed in, so I can find the door to leave behind those sins.   

Dear God
If angels are real
Let them descend upon me
And heal
Dear God
If all power is yours
Give me the faith
To believe
In a love
that restores
Dear God
If truth will set me free
Erase all the lies
That live
Inside of me.  

God, you can’t be tricked or hoodwinked into giving me what I want.  So, I either find a way to get it myself or I humble myself in the waiting for a higher power to open doors I don’t even realize exist.  Thank you for my ability to reason, to see the world with an enlarged view that guides me to accept everyone with love and forgiveness.  Please expand my horizons and help me see beyond the horizontal boundaries of my imagination.  Thank you for allowing me to be the bitter sweet friend that holds the fort together, silently orchestrating harmony that is lived but never felt or heard and never appreciated as emanating from within my soul.  Subconscious God of gentle breeze that casts much needed shadows, shelter me in the recesses of peace that surpasses all understanding.  I release the shame of being used and abused, setting the sparrows free for migration toward a season of forgiveness, accepting the strength to embrace mental clarity and seasonal solitude perched in the nest of the upper view. 

This battle.  Within, oh Lord.  I’m tired.  And no longer wish to fight.  What conclusions can be drawn?  Please draw my future for me, in my mind, so I can step inside your lines.  Miss the landmines that lay before me, squeezing breath from my joy.  Hold my hand across this terrain where I look at myself in disdain.  And let me guide another to miss the marks I’ve taken as scars of misunderstanding, working into the night to erase memories I can’t recall.   I’m weary of feeling helpless so show me I am not.  Carry me to places so I stop casting these lots.  There’s nothing I can give, promise to return, because I don’t believe these prayers depend on what I’ve learned.  I still don’t know you and may never with faith accept, the God of temperament with indifference, while I’ve suffered, you’ve slept. 

God, I’m young and wandering.  Street of unkind spoils.  No light to guide me around.  Eternal road of toils.   Take mercy on my youth.  The part that’s still alive.  And deal with aging gently.  The man I’m deep inside.  Seeking shelter in pages of the dusty past.  Where love seemed possible to touch.  Undo my disbelief and show me your love lasts.  Return me safely home from this desert, hot, alone.  Reveal the part of me I’d believed was gone. 

God, show me what I’m good at.  Help me to excel.  Sharpen my mind so that I finally do well.  Be my navigation.  Around all these thoughts in my head.  Where dreams and desires and ambition each lay dead. Awaken all my senses, those needed for next steps and put to sleep my doubting, paralysis inept.  Join me to my love on waters rippling joy where breezes gently whisper romances in our ear.  Fate of highest calling some will never hear.

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