Cycle of Abuse

You stood before me
in snow white perfection
i was the cold creature
who had already been built up
only to melt with age
Down to the sticks for arms
I’d been given.

And you had come
to me anew
The chance to be made whole
by you who had never been

i wanted to come to you
but could not
because my body was a liquid eternity
stuck in the purgatory
of where you would soon be.

But you came to me
because you recognized
that i was the remnant
of your future past.
and you gave yourself to me.

And as you built me up
i began to see
That you were dying
to save my soul.

And with each touch–
as i was becoming my own
you were losing
your own shape and form.

but i did not stop you
from sacrificing yourself
because i was
being perfected by our purity.

And just as you added
the last touch
the last drop of you
i instantly forgot
your existence
or from whence you came.

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