Cliche’ of Parenting

Perhaps I was a little hard-nosed, who knows…..regarding parenting.

Go ask your father.

No, it isn’t yours.
But why not
and why can’t it be?
I said no.
And it’s final.
Don’t ask again.
Give it to me
Let me see your hand.
Where is it?
Where did you put it?
Where did it go?
You know what I told you
and your father said no.
no. no.

But I want it.
Why can’t I have it?
Bobby has one
and so does she
and everyone has one
all except me.
I never get anything
never get what I want
so why not now/

Don’t make me shout!

If I have to count
to one-
Don’t let me get to three
Hand it over to me
I told you.
O.k. have it for now
but later we’ll see.
And your father
You know when he gets home
when he gets home
its a comin’
it’s a comin’ to me.

Like blood out of a turnip
I work so hard
to squeeze out something

Like water over the bridge
my efforts
drown beneath a
bridge over troubled

I’m lucky as a dog
that there’s nothing new
under the sun.

Sometimes I think my ingenuity
is right on the dime
but it always turns out to be
a hair past a freckle.

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