Battle line

war chess
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I’m doing good
when I step back
and look afar
I’ve come such a distance
and raised such a bar

But when I’m so close
to battles
front line
I forget
Just how far I’ve come
In the hot scorching sun
while enemies run
hand to hand combat
I can’t catch my breath
this close to the fire
it feels like death

Closing in on the win
I’m about to give in
and let him
pierce me through
finally do
what it takes
to watch me bleed
coward in need

Will he even know
in an instant
I wasn’t the one he hated
his soul he’d berated
to send me to hell
while pretending he was well.

So I sleep
to dream of a savior
who shows me favor
doesn’t take sides
when justice collides
love gives me breath
as I take my next step
where we all surrender
to the end here.

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