on her toes
like she had nowhere to go
I thought
I’ll take her home forever
porcelain skin
bright red lips
perfect hips
I had dibs
on her heart

So I took her home
said you’ll never be alone
everything you see is yours
forget the dance floor
there’s so much more
you and I
we’ll tango

Where did you go
when did you know
that you loved someone else
that you never felt that way for me
was it our first kiss
or when he called you miss
and bought you a pair of pink shoes
the perfect fit
or was it when I took you home
tucked you away
so long
begged you
to never tip toe
around me.
you’re safe.  I see.  You’re angry.

This wasn’t our dance to share
you were the star of the show
how did he know
you dreamed of romance
your ballerina dance
under the stage lights
He’d watch you all night
until curtain call
was that all
you needed?

Why’d I take you home
Now I’m all alone
and your world’s the stage
I’ve nothing but age
too old for tango.

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