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First and foremost, my passion is writing. I’ve recently committed to publishing my works more broadly. is a site I created to provide a place where others can go to feel love anywhere, anytime, all the time. Now, on any given day, you’ll find me organizing and editing my books and working on the discovery of Love Life Links. I hope my words inspire you toward an existence filled with greater love, joy and peace.

Anna Esther


I’ve spent over a decade in the entrepreneurial space, as business development director in the technology services sector. I spent 6 years in the banking industry. I’ve held roles in IT service management, communications, workforce management, and data governance.

MBA, ITIL Certified Expert, AGILE Scrum Master, COBIT 5, Actualized Leader Profile Certified Professional, Splunk Power User

ANNA ESTHER Multimedia

Life doesn’t have to be ALL business and NO play. Work/Life balance is a myth. We should enjoy every moment of our life at work AND play. Work can be playful and play can be productive. To ensure our goals don’t shrivel with our soul, we must put our heart at the center of everything we do. I take an integrated approach to business by giving credence to the tapestry of creativity.


Leadership Tips from the Heart

Learn more about bringing heart back to your data while connecting with cutting edge technology.


Original Music by ANNESTHER

Listen to original tunes and lyrics with the themes of spirituality and relationships.


Poetic Expressions

Enjoy ANNAESTHER poetry against the backdrop of music and animated visuals.

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Anna Esther wants to bring the soul back to data and can share insights with your corporation or nonprofit on how to maximize your leadership potential using the powerful combination of heart AND data.