Too distant

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So many memories
Run through these walls
No ghosts of you
Walk down the halls
So I’m happy
To leave it all behind
Now I know what it means
That love is blind.

So much beauty
Exists in the pain
The days of the lonely
Rejected disdain
Songs that carried me
Through the nights
Slept peaceful surrender
Gave up the fight.

A new year
To me brought you
Joy and love
And fresh morning dew
Maybe next year
Will bring forever
A way to live in love
Never say never. 

But now I go back
To share the space
Where passionate memories
Painful choices erased.
And there
I’ll see you in every corner
Comforting me
The mourner.

Something feels wrong
To share the sacred
And live second best
To keep a warm bed
Only to face
What we cant see ahead.
But I’m human too
And heaven is far
Maybe our love
Was too distant
A shooting star.

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